DSC_0054Hello, universe! Greetings from Indonesia!

Probably, there are some peoples who by accident open this blog. From abroad. I know that you all probably can’t understand with what I write about, because most of them I’ve written in Indonesia languange or ‘bahasa’; but here is some information for you about the author of this blog ;)

My name is Fathia Rahma, you can call me Fathia. 25 Years Old. I am Indonesian; my hometown is in Bogor, West Java, but I used to lived in Yogyakarta for 4 years and after graduated, I continued my study to be a doctor in Madiun, East Java. Currently my main job is a wife (a really happy one, alhamdulillah) & as a doctor. I am muslim and I am really proud to be it. My hobbies are reading, writing, traveling, take photos, collect adorable and lovely stuffs and also exchange a postcard with people around the world via Postcrossing; but it’ll be nice if you wanna exchange postcard from your place with me, gimme your address and I’ll give you mine :mrgreen: .

Please don’t mind my ‘weird’ English because it isn’t my mother tounge. Also, I hate don’t know how to use grammar although I have learned it since in elementary school :mrgreen: , the important thing is that you still understand with what I write. Agree? 😆

Any question? 😆
If you have a question or want to exchange a postcard with me;
please personally send me an email here: fathiarahmaw@gmail.com

Best regard,


6 responses to “English

  1. Yes, I understood what you said and that’s the important thing. Agreed. 🙂 Just love your blog except the fact that I don’t understand Bahasa. But I must say I just learned at least one word here in Bahasa: Komentar meaning Comment, Right? 😀 Happy to be able to take a look at your little cave…Best wishes 🙂

    • Hello, Tushar. It’s a pleasure for me that you visited my blog. Where are you come from? Warm regards from Indonesia 🙂
      Yes, you’re right. Komentar means Comment. Hope you can add some words in Bahasa 😀 thank you and don’t hesitate to come back here ^_^

  2. Hello, Fathia,
    Nice meeting you. Your writing in English is very understandable. No worries for that. keep sharing your stories and inspiring others too.
    In this blog we can learn a lot of bahasa language here. Thanks for that. In Indonesia SUKA -is like. And in the Philippines SUKA means vinegar. hehehe.. 🙂

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