When I firstly read about this week theme, surely when I read ‘treasure’, without any doubt I thought about my postcards collection. I have been collected postcards for these 4 months and I have collected about 212 written and stamped postcards from all over the world. I love my new hobby so much and I am expecting to swap or exchange more with people around the world. It will be my happiness to get some messages in a postcard with some lovely stamps and tell about each other country and daily activities with someone that I haven’t known before.

Besides those 212 postcards that I have collected in these 4 months, I also can’t stop to buy postcards that interpret my country. I have so many blank postcards that I bought by my self or received from someone I know. I love postcard very much and I’ve decided to collect more and more postcards from someone abroad till’ I die; maybe? 😀

So, don’t hesitate to ask me if you want to exchange a postcard from Indonesia with me. I will always welcome anyone that want to have a swap or a postcard exchange as long as the postcard is lovely and nice enough :mrgreen: .

I also assume all ‘red things’ as a treasure. I don’t know since when I love red colour; so, I always prefer something in that color, even 2 sides of my room be painted with red color 😆 .
DSC_0892Okay, I think it’s enough :mrgreen: .
I hope you’re not sicking to see so many pictures here 😆 .


15 responses to “[WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGES] Treasure.

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  3. Aww, this is so cute Fatiha. Its so awesome that you have so many postcards from so many people all over the world. Such an interesting hobby. And Red used to be my favorite color as well when I was little. 🙂

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