[DAILY PROMPT] Come Fly with Me.

Heyhooo. What a happy day, today’s daily prompt’s task is about my favorite activity; traveling! Wohooo..

I haven’t gone that far from home, although I really want to. It’s my dream to take a journey, visit from country to country, but.. ya you know it will take so much money :mrgreen:. So, for all this time, I just has visited some cities in my country, and the furthest one is when I went from Jakarta to Sabang, the westernmost city in Indonesia; where the 0 km of Indonesia is located. Actually, I have gone to Singapore in 2009, but I think, Sabang is further than Singapore.

It takes almost 2 hours by plane to arrive in Kualanamu Airport, Medan, North Sumatra to transit then continue the flight about 50 minutes to Nangroe Aceh Darussalam, the westernmost province in Indonesia. To go to Sabang, you have to cross the sea with ferry, because Sabang located in separated island from Sumatra, it takes about 45 minutes. Sabang located in Weh Island and has many beautiful beaches.

1In the ferry 😉

2Although in the harbour, but the sea water is sooo clear 😀


4Zero point or zero kilometre of Indonesia.




7A little view of Sabang’s Beach. A magnificent!

10Certificate as a prove :mrgreen:


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