[Weekly Photo Challenges] Habit.

I love this theme; personal stuff. I have so many habit from general things which most people will do until the unique one. But now, I wanna showing you the 3 top lists about my habit which I will exactly do it regularly ;).


I love walking and travel a lot! When I have free time I will take my backpack, sport shoes, camera and explore the earth. Because I love photography, people usually ask me to take their photos; that’s why there is not so ย many photo of me :roll:.




ย General habit which most people will do everyday is browsing! Although I’m not a techno-oriented, but I will always open the internet for check my social media like Facebook, twitter, tumblr, wordpress, etc. Also I’ll read a book everyday although just for one page; I’m a book fanatic :mrgreen:.

Books everywhere.

A mess.

Last thing, the unique (and the worst) one which I’ll do everyday is to bring a 1.5 L bottle of mineral water and tissue to everywhere! I know that it’ll be a big contribute to the environmental problem; but I just can’t stop to use those things ๐Ÿ˜ฆ .



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