Talk about the FIRST, this post itself is my first blog related to Daily Post because I just followed them few minutes ago :mrgreen:. 

But I wanna talk about my other first experience;


A little for other's life.

A little for other’s life.

In the beginning, I just followed my friends who wanna transfusion her blood because the hospital was looked for a blood with blood type B. When I followed her, I never thought that I could did the same because I always fail when the health care workers check my haemoglobin content; always under 12 gr/dl and also I often have a low tension.  But it’s a miracle when I accidentally checked on my haemoglobin rate and tension; they’re normal! SUPRISE! It’s my first experience to tranfused my blood; they took my blood so many, about 350 cc because someone urgently needed it. When everything has finished I felt okay like nothing happens; without dizzy, convulsion or enervate. Finally, it’s my first to help others with a part of my body :).

In response to the WordPress Daily Prompt: First!

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