Dear you..



Dear my daughter in the future.  Do you know that one of all my hardest time is waiting the right time until I can see you? Not in my dream, not in my imagination, but in my arm.

Do you remember, when first time I knew that I’m pregnant, that you’re there my love, inside my womb? I whispered to you, ‘… I’ll bring you to the world, we’ll have our own time these 9 months, my baby. Lets keep healthy together’. Do you remember that? I cried while sujud to say thank you to Him.

Your father hugged me when I told him that he’ll be a father. Every nite he’ll hugged me tight, kiss me in forehead and also didn’t forget to kiss you too baby, in my stomach. We thanked to Allah, our Lord, the one you’ve to love the most in the world for this chance and beautiful moment in our life.

Do you know, baby, from few years ago, my goal wasn’t to be a worker, nor to be academic oriented? I just wanna be a mother. I wanna have you in my stomach, move, rolling as you like. You make me and your father smile while touching my stomach together, greeting our cute little daughter who will be born with shining smile, red and chubby cheek, round eyes with thick eyelashes. You look so lovely, my sweety. Insyaa Allaah.

We had a debate about whether you are similar with me or your father. Haha, funny, isn’t it? That’s all because me and your father couldn’t be patient to meet you, hug you, kiss you, love you. 

A few weeks. A month. Few months. And you’ll be born..

Come baby come. I couldn’t wait longer to see you.




12 April 2013.

Bertahun-tahun sebelum kau lahir,

Afrannisa Rubra.

*semoga saya cepet nikah. aamiin *tetep :D.

*lagi galau kronis.

*grammar-nya acakadut, teuing lah, sing penting nulis 😛 😛 :P.


10 responses to “Dear you..

  1. Masya Allah, nama -calon- baby nya bagus..
    Kalau Aisyah suka nama ‘Rayhana Sakhi’ ^^ (padahal masih lama..)

    Semoga kak Fathia cepet mendapat pasangan yang terbaik, ya kak.. Amin..

  2. Pendidikan anak memang dimulai sejak pemilihan pasangan, bukan sejak (sudah) mengandung atau sejak (sudah) menikah.
    Semangat Fat… jangan keterusan galaunyaaa…. Bu calon dokter harus segera jd dokter beneran… ^^

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