Marry me, hey you!~


I accidently found these pictures from tumblr. These pictures are created by Philippa Rice. I don’t know who she is, but I really loves her illustration. Like dreaming, I wanna do those things with my husband someday, like my own imagination before I found the pictures.

Marry me, hey you!

Waiting a right time with him ♥.

p.s : because my english is so bad, I can’t write longer #LOL 😀

tumblr_md2zsvWSrD1qhfu4ho1_500 tumblr_mdg4pgtyYK1qhfu4ho1_500 tumblr_mdt75yxQcF1qhfu4ho1_500 tumblr_me3xsmhiv71qhfu4ho1_500 tumblr_mfgngeq1Fa1qhfu4ho1_500 tumblr_mhcuc9rSkf1qhfu4ho1_r1_500 tumblr_mhuv6skWeO1qas1mto1_500 tumblr_mhuv6skWeO1qas1mto2_500 tumblr_mhuv6skWeO1qas1mto4_500 tumblr_mhuv6skWeO1qas1mto6_500 tumblr_mhuv6skWeO1qas1mto7_r5_500 (1) tumblr_mhuv6skWeO1qas1mto8_500 tumblr_mhuv6skWeO1qas1mto9_500 tumblr_mhuv6skWeO1qas1mto10_500 tumblr_mip9j2BMiM1qhfu4ho1_500




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